Christmas candle, cinnamon sticks, orange and apple slices amid pine branches

Giving Thanks for Christmas from A to Z

Christmas, just the word, evokes many thoughts and emotions for each of us. First we think of the birth of our Savior, closely followed by sights, sounds, smells, symbols, scurrying, shopping, sending and such. Loving and giving, family and friends come to mind. So let’s look at Christmas from A to Z.

  • An Angel announced the birth of Jesus. (Luke 2:10-12)
  • The Baby born in the stable was Christ the Lord. (Luke 22:11)
  • Christ is who we sing about and honor in Carols.
  • Divine describes the baby who was fully God and fully man.
  • Evergreen used to decorate at Christmas reminds us of the everlasting life given by Christ.
  • Family is emphasized at Christmas. How wonderful for those who are able to be together.
  • God, who loved us enough to send His Son, is the One we thank with all our hearts.
  • Hark, the Herald Angels Sing might be carol, but we need to Harken daily to the King about whom they sang.
  • Incarnation is hard to understand, but God became man in Jesus.
  • Jesus is the Reason for the Season. There is no Christmas without Jesus.
  • King Herod tried to kill the King of Kings, but wasn’t successful. (Matthew 2:16-17)
  • Love came down at Christmas and love prevails in lives at Christmas.
  • A Manger in a stable received the Baby Jesus on that wonderful night. (Luke 2:7)
  • Nativity sets are collected by many families. Is your favorite made of paper by a child or of china from a store?
  • Ornaments for Christmas trees remind us of happy times. Some are made by those who give them to us.
  • Presents are given and received, reminding us of the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus. (Matthew 2:11)
  • The Quest of the wise men from the East led to worship of the King. (Matthew 2:1-12)
  • Ribbon adds a bright touch to packages and a happy challenge when opening them.
  • Shepherds were just doing their nightly job when they were surprised by the angel with the special announcement.
  • Testimony has to be a vital Christmas word. During this time of year, we have an opportunities to tell what Christ means in our lives to those who could be a little more mellow at Christmas.
  • Unite our hearts in Christ is a prayer we offer to God at Christmas. As we give to missions and to those who need items or cheer at this time, we need to work together to do more for others in the name of Christ.
  • Value faith, family and friends at Christmas.
  • Wreaths have had many meanings through the centuries, but in these times are a symbol of welcoming and giving.
  • Xylophone is an example of a toy, the delight of children when received at Christmas, and the delight of givers when children show their excitement.
  • Yuletide greetings are given and received. I love to say and “Merry Christmas” to everyone I meet.
  • Zenith of holidays describes Christmas in the hearts of many.