A Living Savior

The twenty-something, pretty, dark-haired girl sweeping the floor at Subway easily smiled back at me when I first smiled at her. I asked, “Where are you from?”

She walked over to our table, then answered, “Morocco, but we moved here when I was little, so I went to school here.”

My next remark was, “So your family must be Muslim.”

“Yes,” she answered, “but I’m not a very good one.”

I responded, “Since you’ve lived here through junior high and high school, surely some Christian teen invited you to church with them.”

She excitedly said, “Oh, yes, I’ve been to church many times. I have a Bible and a Koran. I think Jesus and Mohammed are the same. Both are good. Each one can save you.”

She had to get back to work, but she listened as I explained, “Please consider this. Mohammed was a man; he is now dead. Jesus was God who came to us as a man. He died, but rose from the dead. He lives today. He is a living Savior!

That sweet girl’s facial expression changed to bewilderment. I am confident she will think about Jesus differently. I am praying that God will send another messenger to water the seed planted that day.