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Norma is eager to minister to you and your group. As you plan your special occasion, consider these things:


Decide who your audience for your event will be. For example, a Mother-Daughter Banquet attended hopefully by preschoolers to great-great-grandmothers does not need an hour Bible Study, but an inspirational, anecdotal word of encouragement from God’s Word. A women’s retreat may need several sessions on different aspects of a single topic.


Decide if your event will be at church, someone’s home, a community hall, a retreat center or campground. If you plan a retreat away from your church, you may want more than one session while you are already away.


Consider if your event will be a meal with a short inspirational message, a worship time with praise songs and a message, an all-day or overnight conference or a weekend retreat. If you decide to offer conference times, fit the needs of your audience to the time available. Suggestions include: overnight event with 2 sessions, overnight with 3 sessions, one full day with 3 sessions, one day with 2 sessions, one day with one session, one evening with 2 sessions or one evening with one session.


Giving Thanks offers a variety of topics for your event. Most can be adapted to any length. The topic can be given to a large group in a lecture style for 20-30 minutes or taught with group participation and feedback in several hours of conference time.


Please call or email for fees. Fees will be based on the length of the presentation, location of the event and other factors. Usually, travel and conference material expenses are additional costs above speaker fee.

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